We promote the five welfare needs in our sessions. Click the button to read the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Meet the Furripists

The welfare of our animals is absolutely our number one priority. Our animals are not "trained" as such but carefully assessed for their suitability in therapy sessions. We categorise into new, novice and pro and take a suitable selection of animals depending on the client group.

Therapy Dog Jack Russell Manchester UK
Therapy Dog King Charles Manchester UK


Maggi is a fantastic therapy dog as she is so friendly and loves meeting new people. She is always happy and ready to play, especially with her football. It is guaranteed that if you meet Maggi she will put a smile on your face!


Moose is our loving therapy dog who always knows how to brighten up someones day. He enjoys playing with his treat toys and going on walks. But his favourite thing is getting cuddles!

Therapy Rabbits French Lop Rabbits Manchester Uk


Daphne & Flo

Flopsy & Joey

Moose's little brother, Alfie is the youngest of our therapy dogs and definitely the most energetic! He absolutely loves playing fetch and will be your best friend if you throw him a ball!

These two cheeky little sisters are full of character! They are both have very different personalities but for sure you will fall in love with them.

Flopsy & her dad Joey are our gentle giants. They love to relax beside people on the sofa. They also supervise on the art table at Loxley House testing all the hay toys our clients make!

Therapy Animals guinea pigs

Honey & Elvis

Recently bereaved, Elvis has been matched with beautiful Honey. They make a cheeky curious couple.

Therapy Animals Mice

The Mice

We have 4 beautiful female mice; Minnie (pictured), Patty, Roo & Storm. They love exploring out of the cage and nibbling on treats.


The Rats

We have two groups of amazing female rats that love human contact. Our older girls are so friendly and will curl up and sleep in your arms, looking incredibly cute! Our youngsters are full of energy and will keep you on your toes when handling them!



Merlin is our first ever reptile, he is a bearded dragon! He is incredible to watch especially when he is feeding on his crickets...

Therapy Animal Cat


Shelley is a Giant African Land Snail that we have recently adopted. A bit of a departure for us but she is fascinating.