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A bit about us


Noah's A.R.T. provides holistic, person-centred and innovative animal-assisted interventions in Tameside, incorporating animals, nature and creativity. Over the past 6 years, we have worked to develop each of our unique interventions, making them as inclusive as possible. These services are available to individuals at any point in their mental health journey. Whether they be a troubled youth, an inpatient in a mental health ward or an individual with dementia at the end of life, we are able to provide support for all.

We are seeking to restructure our services and become a community hub, where clients can move between interventions to best suit their interests, capacity and mental state. In this way, we build a support network for clients that remains in place regardless of whether they relapse or progress.

We are seeking your input to help inform our approach and offering to best suit the needs of our community. 






















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Phil and Alfie in front of our large workshop 

A rainbow above our Hoppy Huts!

Noah's A.R.T. HQ

We are determined that 2021 is going to be a better year than 2020! We've got some plans in the works, but we need your help to make Noah's A.R.T. the service you want it to be! 

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The Plan

For the last six years, Noah's A.R.T has developed numerous projects for people experiencing poor mental health and disabilities. Each project has built upon the last, attempting to become more and more inclusive and accessible. Over the years, Noah's A.R.T. has provided support for people with a love for animals of all ages, backgrounds and difficulties.
Unfortunately, many of our projects have a limited lifespan. Grant funding only lasts so long. We want to make sure these vital services can continue supporting the people of Tameside well into the future . We want to become a community hub, running lots of activities that anyone can access. We want to be able to fund and run Noah's A.R.T. as a whole, rather than as separate projects.

Our vision:
Instead of being referred into specific projects or services, all clients would access Noah’s A.R.T. via a single point of entry. They would have a chat with our staff, discuss their hopes and challenges, and find out a bit about us. From there we would advise which of Noah's A.R.T.'s fantastic activities would suit them best.
However great a service is for someone, it is not an end to their story. People can suffer setbacks, and they may not always be in the right mental state to access certain services. At Noah’s A.R.T. we understand this, which is why we’ve designed our range of services to cater to the whole mental health journey. Clients can move between services and levels of support to suit their current needs. Whether in the early stages of intervention, in crisis, relapsing, recovering, thriving or anywhere in between, they can stay with Noah’s A.R.T.

Our range of services:
• Volunteering and supported volunteering opportunities
• Pet Connect – dog-assisted befriending scheme, community coffee morning, community magazine
• Therapy Thursday – 1:1 animal-assisted therapy at our base
• Hoppy Huts – creative activities for wellbeing, performance and theatre programmes for young people
• Outreach – pet therapy visits to care homes, hospitals and mental health units
• Education – dog-assisted resilience courses, school visits, specialist SEND services
• Vocational training opportunities
• Online/remote services


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