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We did it! - Tyler's Welsh Adventure

We've just about recovered enough to write this blog and let you all know we survived the Brenig Way! We did the impossible. We tired Tyler out! It only took two full days of hiking through farms, forests and meadows!

This hike was further than any of us had walked before and despite our training over the summer it was an incredible challenge. We meandered through meadows full of sheep and cows and bobbed up and down through the stunning Welsh valleys. When the going got tough we kept each other's spirits up and reminded ourselves of why we were doing this; for Noah's A.R.T. and all the people we help.

However the best laid plans often go awry and ours very almost did. We had intended to leave our car at Corwen, walk the route and return to Corwen by bus. Alas, the bus we had hoped to catch no longer existed! We resigned ourselves to walk to our accommodation at Dyfannedd, stay the night and walk back to Corwen in the morning. This would've still been the same distance as the full walk, but we couldn't help but feel a little bit disappointed that we couldn't walk the entire route. When we arrived at Dyfannedd, dishevelled, tired and mucky we were greeted by our host Lucas. We explained the situation to him and in an act of immense kindness he offered to help us complete our task.

So we stayed the night at Lucas' lovely home and in the morning he drove us to Corwen, we then followed him to Llyn Brenig, dropped off our car and then returned with Lucas' to Dyfannedd. We then set off on our way, achy yet hopeful.

The second day was especially gruelling as we had little chance to recover from the first! However we powered on through the Clocaenog Forest towards Llyn Brenig surrounded by wild mushrooms, berries and birds of prey. Eventually we could see the glistening of the reservoir through the trees and for the first time in two days could see our final destination. Tyler gleefully washed away the clayey dirt by dipping in the cold waters of Llyn Brenig, whereas the humans treated themselves to a hot drink and some chips. We had done it. We had walked the Brenig Way.

We want to thank everyone who sponsored us on this amazing adventure and know it's not too late to donate. Just head over to our JustGiving page here:

We also want to thank Judy Brown for training us up for our hike by leading us on numerous adventures around the Peaks over the passed few months. We could not have done this walk without her guiding hand. Of course we must thank Lucas for saving us at the last minute and helping us complete the walk! Through working for Noah's A.R.T. we have met the kindest of people, long may it continue! Watch this space...

You can follow our journey by following this link:

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