Tyler's Journey - Update 2

This weekend Noah’s A.R.T. therapy dog Tyler donned his doggy rucksack once again, and headed out on another training walk in the hills.

(If you haven’t been following his story so far, Tyler is in training for a big sponsored walk in aid of Noah’s A.R.T. This September he will be walking the Brenig Way, a 32-mile challenge walk through North Wales, alongside Noah’s A.R.T. staff Tom and Catherine. If you would like to Sponsor Tyler’s walk, head over to and hit donate).

This time, we joined in with a local hiking group. Setting off from the Derbyshire village of Chinley, the walk began with a strenuous pull through farmland up to South Head. From there, we headed to Brown Knoll, then set out across the moorland path to Rushup Edge. We called in at the lovely No-car Café for a much-needed pot of tea (well, the humans needed it – Tyler was more interested in the muddy puddles en route), before completing the circular route back to Chinley.

Altogether, the walk was around 12-13 miles in length. Of course, Tyler always covers about three times the distance that we do, as he is constantly running back and forth to ensure we haven’t lost any of the group and to make sure we’re all still okay. Despite a few heavy downpours, everyone stayed in good spirits and finished the walk easily, if soggily.

An important point to make about walking in the countryside with dogs, is to always be responsible owners. We made sure that Tyler was on the lead when crossing farmland and moorland conservation areas, as dogs running loose can injure livestock or damage nesting sites for ground-nesting moorland birds. It also goes without saying to pick up after your dog, and remove any litter.

Tyler will be continuing his training walks over the summer. Keep up to date with his progress by following the blog here. If you would like to sponsor his journey, you can do so through our JustGiving page:

Thank you!

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