Tyler's Journey - Mud, Rain, and Kinder Scout

This weekend Tyler hit the hills once again, training hard for his big sponsored walk in September. With not long to go until the real thing, every practice hike we can fit in counts. (If you would like to sponsor Tyler, head to our JustGiving page:

This was a challenging one, taking in some steep ascents, heavy wind, driving rain, and rough terrain underfoot. Tyler of course took it all in his stride, whilst Tom and Catherine…survived. Luckily, we were expertly guided by Catherine’s mum, Judy, who kept us on track!

Parking at Chinley station, we caught the train along to the Peak District village of Hope, from where we began a steep ascent up Win Hill. From there, we walked along the ridge to Kinder Scout. Hugging the edge of the Kinder plateau, we made our way past peat bogs and rocky outcrops, whilst taking in views of Ladybower Reservoir and the winding Hope Valley below.

By the time we met the top of Ringing Roger, a steep, winding path down to Edale village, we were ready for a mid-point break, so we picked our way down. A hub for walkers, we had no problem finding dog-friendly establishments in Edale, and enjoyed a much-appreciated brew at Cooper’s Café. (Well, Catherine, Tom and Judy had a brew – Tyler had a lie down under the table).

From Edale, we ascended Jacob’s Ladder, a steep climb at the start of the Pennine Way. We then headed back over and down to Chinley via Brown Knoll.

At this point, Tyler seemed to get second wind. Anybody passing us would have seen a large black dog leaping and bounding over the springy heather and peat, doubling back on himself and jumping into the air.

Unfortunately for us (or for our car seats), this display ended with an almighty splash into a smelly, muddy, stagnant puddle. Unfortunately for Tyler, this meant a visit to the dreaded shower on our return home. He still smells like peat bog now, even post-shower.

At least we can safely say, in this instance, smelly dog = happy dog.

If you would like to sponsor Tyler’s big walk, have a look at our JustGiving page:

Tyler, Tom and Catherine will be walking the 32-mile Brenig Way, in North Wales, over the weekend of the 7th-8th September 2019.

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