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NCS Paints Paws to lead the way!

We are getting into the swing of things now at the Pop Inn. The volunteers are growing in confidence and making great progress. We are especially proud of Dan who overcame extreme nerves to give an excellent interview to @AdamMcleanITV from Granada Reports. He explained how being around the animals is beneficial and why people should visit it us. We have posted the short film on our website.

We have had excellent attendance from our volunteers demonstrating their loyalty and commitment to making the Pop Inn a success. Many travel independently across Manchester to be with us. Our young students from All Saints Catholic College have enjoyed volunteering with us so much that they have continued to attend over the summer holidays! They have learned how to make jam and have been making art decorations that will brighten up the walls of the Pop Inn.

We were visited by NCS who are 15y-17yrs. National Citizens Serif runs the volunteering programme. It is a government-funded initiative that brings together schools, community organisations, businesses and individuals to build a stronger and more cohesive society. They were given the brief to make the front of the building look fun and welcoming and they didn’t disappoint! Crazy coloured animal paw prints now guide you to the Pop Inn. We now have multi-coloured railings on our windows and a lovely pastel coloured wishing well. And the wonderful young people negotiated a great deal on the paint leaving enough extra from fund raising that we will be able to offer some free sessions to our NHS clients.

We have had a few care homes visit. They have been warmly welcomed by our dogs as well as the volunteers. The cakes have also been very well received as have the singalongs. We have also had a young performer Cammy Davies Jnr sing Sinatra numbers. Once we begin our youth music project there will be opportunities for our talented young people to sing at the Pop Inn.

So, if you are from a care home looking for an original outing for your residents please do get in touch. The visit will cost you nothing (but if you do want to donate it will be gratefully received).

If you are working in the community with anyone and need a place to catch up away from the clinical environment of the community mental health team offices why not consider what we have to offer. Pop Inn and find out and ask about our volunteer opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you! Just follow the painted paw prints!

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