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Join Us for Noah’s ART New Café Open Day

Since securing extra funding to help us develop a permanent café, Noah’s ART have

been proud to announce an Open Day to be had at the new Paws and Prints Pop-in on

Saturday, 28 th April 2018 from 12-3pm at the Together Centre, Loxley House in

Dukinfield. This day is dedicated to showing the community all Noah’s ART has to offer

and what to expect at the new café.

What to Expect

Since 2014, Noah’s ART has been providing services to those living with various mental

health issues such as dementia, and even those with learning difficulties and autism.

Thankfully, new funding from the Big Lottery is allowing us to continue these services

while offering even more than ever to the wider community by means of our permanent

café. Our Open Day is designed to show everyone just what exciting things are

happening at Noah’s ART while experiencing the Paws and Prints Pop-in and trying out

a few taster sessions.

Some of our taster sessions on offer include:

● Toast and Tails - breakfast club taster with stories from Noah’s ART in the comfy


● Afternoon sing-along

● Original compositions performed by our young people’s group

● Design animal-themed greetings cards.

We’ll also tell you about our ongoing projects at Noah’s ART, such as our Dementia

café on Therapy Thursdays from 1-4pm, where those living with Dementia and their

carers can come have a chat in a peaceful setting with others.

Noah’s ART also have a very successful volunteer training programme, where you can

work with animals and others to help gain vital work experience and build self-esteem

and confidence. If you’re interested in learning more, then we’d love to hear from you.

We offer this and so much more, so please do find us at the Paws and Prints Pop-in to

find out about the various activities we have going on.


Although we have been gratefully given funding by the Big Lottery, we will continue to

fundraise to be able to sustain ourselves in the long run and continue providing the best

service possible to those who really need it to most. On the day, we’ll be holding raffles,

as well as offering tea, coffee and cake for a small fee. You can also browse our shop

for some unique items!

Feedback Welcomed!

We’re excited about all we have going on at Noah’s ART, but it wouldn’t be a success if

we didn’t hear back from the community and those involved with the projects. We will be

wanting to hear your opinions about a pay-it- forward option for our café, where you can

pay ahead of time for someone else to spend time in a relaxing setting with tea/coffee

and cake who may not otherwise be able to afford it. Have other activities you would like

to see put on by Noah’s ART at the Paws and Prints Pop-in? Then come see us and let

us know. All feedback is welcomed!

Our Open Day will be packed with information about our community café, services and

activities that you or a loved one can benefit from. We look forward to seeing everyone

on the 28 th April!

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