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Geckos, Beardies and Great Cakes!

Our Pop Inn has been running since July 2018. We are finally seeing the results of our hard working volunteers Dan Bolton and Michael Williams; they have worked tirelessly to deliver leaflets and have been telling everyone about our project.

Our guests tell us they feel safe and welcomed; by our friendly dogs and furry friends too. We have a small range of exotic pets visiting the Pop Inn too! Our volunteers are finding their strengths; making simple but tasty homemade lunches; caring for all our animals or supporting our exciting art projects.

Coming soon is our fabulous music group where we are learning to find the joy in life again. Make percussion instruments or just make noises of any kind - anything goes! And for schools or mums, our Read to some bunny scheme (Read2Rabbits) is open to all - just let us know so we can ensure we have staff around to support.

We have a few issues with repairs to our building at the moment but please bear with us. We look forward to welcoming you to the Pop Inn every Tuesday from 10am-3pm. Its all FREE but please consider making a donation to help with animal costs - we have had a few poorly pets this month.

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