Our Services

We offer a visiting service to many different community groups, care homes as well as working within the NHS. We adapt and tailor sessions to meet all different kinds of needs. In fact, our service is suitable for anyone who enjoys the company of animals. We work with people with mental health issues, learning disabilities and dementia; adolescent mental health services and rehabilitation units, people with autism, and common mental health issues such as low mood and anxiety.  

Our sessions are one hour priced at £105 plus travel expenses*. We bring a selection of our therapy animals and plan engaging activities depending on the group needs. Some examples of theses activities include:

Dog agility  treat toys

Foraging dog walks


Making hay toys

Grooming & health checking

Animal "pop" quiz

Relaxing with the rabbits

Exercise with the dogs

As well as our visiting service we can also invite you to join us at our base in Dukinfield on a Tuesday for FREE at the Paws & Paints Pop Inn or on our Therapy Thursdays. Click the words to learn more.

“Noah's ART has really helped me. I am really loving being here. The staff are lovely and the animals are brilliant. It helps me a lot with stress at school"
Student at Inscape School

“The animals reconnect people with old memories of previous pets, it’s

something to talk about with other clients and staff, something to share.”

"The animals are well loved & I can tell this from how they are. I enjoyed holding the various guinea pigs & rats & playing with Maggie & Moose the doggies. I really enjoyed making toys for the animals & I feel really welcome & settled."

Client from Loxley House

What do our clients say?

“ [he was] really depressed and never smiled and just flat, but when the dog

jumped all over him it just brought him to life. He seemed connected, I really didn’t expect it

from him.”

"Noah's ART is an amazing place with animals & people alike. Laughter, kindness & art with new found friends everywhere you go. The people and animals there are kind & hilarious, fun, cheerful & adorable"

“The whole place [Loxley] seems to be magical for our students, they all respond well in

their own individual way.”

Teacher from Inscape school

"It sounds daft, but after I've spent time with the animals, I feel able to do things I normally struggle with like going shopping"

Client with anxiety issues

“On the ward you can feel the lift in mood after a session, this will last a day. The sessions

are a good distraction for the staff from focusing on monitoring and being hypervigilant to

clients’ mental health. The sessions are a good leveller, patients forget they’re patients and

staff forget they’re staff.”

*Please note we can only travel an hour from our base M43 6QJ.