Visiting Services

Theraupetic Outreach

We offer a visiting service to many different community groups and care homes, as well as working within the NHS. We adapt and tailor sessions to meet all different kinds of needs. In fact, our service is suitable for anyone who enjoys the company of animals. We work with people with mental health issues, learning disabilities and dementia; adolescent mental health services and rehabilitation units; people with autism, and common mental health issues such as low mood and anxiety.

The maximum number participants in a session is six. This is to make sure everyone receives the full benefit. We bring therapy dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and rats/mice. Where appropriate participants are able to hold the guinea pigs and rats/mice, and work with the dogs. We do not hold our rabbits. Sessions are lead by 1 staff member and 1-2 volunteers.


Sessions last 1 hour (2 hours is blocked off on our calendar for travel time).

Sessions are £135 per hour. We will email you to arrange payment.
If you would like to book more than an hour or outside regular working hours please email us

Corporate Wellbeing Services

We come to your office or workplace with our therapy animals in tow. All we need is an enclosed room to set up. Maximum session time is 1 hour as this is the limit for our therapy animals. We would recommend splitting the hour session into four 15 minute time slots, as we could only work with 4-6 people at a time to keep the stress on our animals to a minimum and for people to get the most benefit.


We bring 1 therapy dog, 2 rabbits, 2-4 guinea pigs and rats/mice. Clients are able to hold the smaller animals. We don’t hold our rabbits, but set up a pen for the rabbits to roam in and where clients can sit and relax. Rats/Mice are amazing therapy animals and even clients unsure at first end up with a rat on their shoulder! We bring homemade treats for our therapy dogs who work the room with their magic.


Sessions are supported by at least 2 lead therapists and 2 volunteers. Bulk bookings are possible at a discount!

Sessions last 1 hour (2 hours is blocked off on our calendar for travel time).