If you would like to fund raise for us please get in touch!
Terms & Conditions

We are a not for profit social enterprise. We charge for our services to ensure we can properly care for our animals and make opportunities for our volunteers to grow in confidence.

Occasionally, we are delighted to receive donations from people who have raised money for our work. We are passionate that those donations are used to reach new clients who may not be able to afford the fees we charge.

Please get in touch if you know of someone or some organisation that would really benefit from the service we offer.

Please note that we do NOT travel more than an hour from our base (M43 6QJ), we ask that groups are between 4 or 5 participants, sessions last 60mins and we ask that our disclaimer is signed before we can visit

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What can we offer?


Stress management session

Animal welfare educational sessions

Animal inspired art and craft sessions

Training in animal assisted therapy


"Mindful Paws" and animal guided relaxation

Animal play sessions

Animal assisted activities


Animal assisted activities

Musical sessions with animal friends


Mini retreat days - nature therapy, reflexology and "Mindful Paws"

Animal Assisted play and exercise

Animal Assisted Team building

Animal Assisted Mindfulness