Professional referrals and self referrals welcome!

Have you heard about one of Noah's ART's great projects and want to get involved, or help someone else to? Then this is the page for you!

We have improved the way we do things and streamlined all our referral methods into one, easy to complete form. Simply download the form, answer the questions and email it back to us. We'll get in touch with you via your preferred method and invite you to brief consultation with our lovely liaison team.

During this chat we'll tell the referee about Noah's ART and all the services we offer. In this way we can layout each opportunity to experience the wonderful benefits our animals can bring to people's lives. Our liaison team will then help you decide which service is for you and get you signed up!

We recommend you password protect the form you email back to us and send the password in a separate email. This will ensure you data is kept secure. If referee's decide not to continue with us the forms will be deleted in accordance with our data and confidentiality policy.