My Noah’s A.R.T. Story

“I now believe that I am allowed to be happy, that I am deserving of a positive future.”

How it began

“I was struggling. I felt hopeless. I was isolated at home, and my self-esteem was non-existent. Through CBT, I had begun to realise that I could express myself in a safe way through my art. I realised how art has helped me throughout my life. It’s given me focus. Then, I decided that I wanted to give that to other people too.”

A mental health worker from the Early Intervention Team referred Rachel to the Pop Inn Café.  She started helping out in the Art Room every week.

Then what happened?


Gradually, Rachel started to take more of a lead, suggesting, planning and delivering the arts and crafts activities. Sharing her passion.

“Noah’s A.R.T. changed my life, my insight into the future, everything about me. It has given me a way out. It’s given me hope for the future, that it can change. I now believe that I am allowed to be happy, that I am deserving of a positive future. Sharon allowed me to take control, which I never had before. It was like, wow, I’m allowed to do this and that?! You’re not saying no?!”


Rachel became a regular and key volunteer, and then took on a paid role as therapy assistant.

“Words can’t describe the difference Noah’s A.R.T. has made to my life. I’ve finally found a sense of belonging. I’ve grown in confidence, taken leadership, taken control of my life."

It’s helped me build up relationships, friends, and given me a place where I am allowed to talk and express my feelings, which I didn’t have at home before. Noah’s A.R.T. has helped me to trust people again. I’ve seen who I am and what I’m about. Working here has made realise that I am a good person, that I’ve got something to give.

I am worthy and valuable.


What’s next?

Rachel is now a core member of the team. Brilliantly, she has accepted an offer to study Art Psychotherapy at Sheffield University, and fulfil her dream of becoming a qualified Art Therapist.


“Through Noah’s A.R.T., I’ve realised that I am passionate about working with others. I see how the people I work with grow in confidence too, and I’ve realised that art is so powerful. I like that I can make others feel worthy of themselves and comfortable.”