My Noah’s A.R.T. Story

“Last year I found myself in a dark and lonely place, I felt isolated and alone …then I discovered Noah’s A.R.T...”


How it began

“My name is Jayde, I am 31 years old and a proud mother to my 11-year-old son Jacob. I want to share our story, and how discovering Noah’s A.R.T has made such a great impact on us as a family over the past year.”

Jacob is on the autistic spectrum, and Jayde has always found it difficult to find suitable activities for him, as he gets very anxious. The past few years have been difficult, as Jacob can easily feel overwhelmed and often prefers to stay home.

This resulted in Jayde feeling increasingly low and  isolated, and falling into depression.

“People tend to associate isolation with the older generation, but actually, I soon realised that we were both in fact very much isolated. “That is, until we found Noah’s A.R.T…”


Then what happened?


Jayde and Jacob tried out the Wednesday Quiet Zone, Noah’s A.R.T.’s after-school session aimed at children with additional needs and their parents.

They began attending the sessions together every week. Wednesdays soon became Jacob’s favourite day of the week, which he counted down to. He was always so excited to arrive that he would launch his schoolbag to the floor and run through the front doors.

“This in itself is massive, as generally Jacob does not usually leave my side and is very reliant on me being there. He has a sense of security and is content here, he sees it as his safe haven!” 

What’s next?

Jayde and Jacob have continued to be regular visitors, taking part in the Noah’s A.R.T. summer fair and contributing to our lockdown remote support newsletters during the pandemic.


Here’s Jayde’s take on their experience:

“The effect the animals have on my son is just heart-warming. They help him stay calm and focused and over time he has developed the most lovely relationships with all the fantastic people at Noah’s A.R.T. I have seen a massive boost in his self-esteem and social skills since attending.


My son is content and happy and can’t wait to visit you each week, and I love nothing more than stepping through your doors on a Wednesday to be greeted by you all after a busy day!”